Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Mopping with Daddy

I am a firm believer that we can be grateful for nearly anything, but one thing I’m grateful for is how much my kiddos love to help.  Especially with things like cleaning the house.  I’m fortunate to have a husband who likes to clean, so my boys have always seen cleaning as something that guys do.  When I was young, I still remember (with perfect clarity) making a comment about how I couldn’t clean the toilet, because only boys do that.  I had always seen my daddy do it, so I just didn’t think it could be something I would be expected to do.  Suffice it to say, I learned a very important lesson that day about how wrong I was in my thinking, and it got through – loud and clear!  We haven’t had anything like that happen as of yet with our kiddos… but cleaning is something that they see as “guy time” because it’s the two of them and their daddy, getting to do things together.  And the most exciting thing to do (and fight about doing) is mop.  =-)  I’m grateful to have kiddos who enjoy things like mopping.  And to be able to afford a good mop.  And to have a floor to mop in the first place!  More than anything else, I’m grateful for my little family.  Because they always help me to see that there are SO many things to be grateful for.  =-)

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Holding Hands

Our youngest little guy loves to hold my hand when we walk (or even when we’re doing things at home!), but I’ve noticed that anytime we get out of the car to walk somewhere, he really thinks it’s important to have his big brothers hand too.  He’ll jabber at him and make noises and hold his hand out and he really does make it clear that he wants big brothers hand.  Once he has it, he calms right down and walks with no complaints.  He also seems to be the happiest in the car when he’s got big brothers hand.  There’s something seriously adorable about the way they hold hands though, and I managed to take this picture while they were in the car a couple weeks ago (so you can see what I’m talking about!).  =-)

Someday neither one will want to hold my hand… or each others hands… and I am really just enjoying it while it lasts!  =-)

Hand Holding

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Kitty Cat

We have a kitty, and we love her dearly.  Her name is Pippen (affectionately called “Pippen Friend” by my husband).  Because we refer to her as our kitty cat, our youngest little guy calls her “Ki Ka” and he runs and points and hollers “Ki Ka!!” whenever he sees her.  It’s totally adorable.

So today I’m grateful for two things:

1. The ability to have a pet kitty cat, that we can spoil and keep inside and have as a companion.  She might be pretty stinky at times (remember, this is my gratitude blog, so you don’t really hear about those times!), but she really is a fantastic cat, and such a blessing to have!

2.  Two little guys who both love our kitty, neither one is allergic (HUGE hooray!), and they really do treat her well.  That’s seriously great too!

We are definitely blessed.

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Bible Reading

Have I mentioned yet how much my little guy (who is really now my big guy) LOVES his Bible?  He really does, and it just makes my heart so happy to watch and listen to him with it.  There’s one story at the end, clearly from the book of Revelation and he brought me his Bible this morning and read me the whole thing.  Completely without any prompting at all!  It’s probably largely from memory, but he actually sounded out a few of the words as he went, so I think he was trying hard to read them… but listening to him read a Bible story to me… that’s a pretty amazing thing.  Especially from my four-year old!

I am incredibly blessed, I really am.  On multiple levels.  And I am grateful!

P.S.  This is picture from one of the times he read his Bible to his “friends” – what he calls his stuffed toys.  =-)

Bible Reading

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Family Day =-)

I sure do love family days!  I guess at the heart of that I really love my little family.  =-)  But this was a pretty special day for us – daddy took the day off, and we got to do some fun stuff together!  =-)  First we went to the “airplane park”, what our little guy calls the park right next to Reagan Airport in DC, where you can either watch planes landing or planes taking off (depending on the day).  We got to watch them land, and it was beautiful weather so we could walk around and not be hot and sweaty while we did it (major bonus points!).  After that, we walked along the water where the boat was going to come, and then we took our boat ride!  I had found a really great deal online, so it was only a couple dollars more for the four of us to ride the boat than it was to park.  Ha ha!  But we really did have fun.  It sprinkled before we left home in the morning, but stopped before we got to DC, and didn’t start again until after we were already on the boat.  We saw tons of really cool things, and the kiddos did a great job.  We had a good day, and I am very grateful for that.  =-)


DC Boat Ride Picture


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Fantastic Day with my Kiddos

There are days when being around your kids can be good… and days when it can really just be okay.  Anyone know what I’m talking about?  Today was the kind of day that I really do wish I could hit the “repeat” button on.  Our almost four-year old was a fantastic listener, and kept responding to things I asked him to do (or stop doing) with “mommy, I listened”.  We’ve been working hard on that, so I think he finally got how important it is!  Hooray!  =-)  But we got to spend time with friends we haven’t seen for awhile, and were out and about all morning long… and both kiddos were fantastic.  Truly.  I think that’s worth a lot – but I really am grateful for it.  Having happy kiddos, at home AND out in public, is something that seriously brings me joy.  It’s been a fantastic day, and the next time my day is rough, I’ll just look back at this one as proof that I’m really not doing everything wrong… and my kids really CAN be good.  Ha ha!  =-)

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Becoming Friends with Flies

Our oldest kiddo (who will be four years old in October), has long had a love-hate relationship with bugs.  They’re fine as long as they’re nowhere near him, but when they fly around in front of him, he kind of freaks out.  Okay, he seriously freaks out.  So over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get him to make friends with the bugs, and when he sees (or hears) one, he’s learning to not holler about it, but to just say “HI bug!”  I’m very happy to report that it’s actually going well.  While he will still freak out a little bit about things buzzing around, he’s getting MUCH better about it.  Earlier today, when our kitty caught a bug, he told her “good job getting bug!”  Very cute.  =-)  

How often do we do the same thing he’s doing, and react to things we’re worried about by “freaking out” over it?  Wouldn’t it be a LOT easier to learn how to be okay with it?  Not everything, clearly, but things like this… I hope that I can model the same attitude for him that I’m trying to teach.  Don’t panic – just be nice, and move on.  =-)

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Brotherly Love

Yesterday, we were pretty excited that our little guy started taking steps all on his own.  Two big steps before he wobbled and sat down!  That’s definite progress (he was standing on his own before, but hadn’t tried to walk yet), and we’re so proud of him!  But much as I’m excited about those steps, I’m even more excited that his first two steps were NOT to get to his mommy or daddy – he took those two steps (with a huge smile on his face!), to get to his big brother.  =-)  I am so very grateful that my guys care about each other as much as they do.  Their smiles are always the biggest for each other, the oldest one regularly wants to help out with his little brother, and the little one looks all over for his brother anytime he’s not right next to him.  They giggle together all the time, and have so much fun!  But I think it said a lot yesterday that when he finally got up the gumption to take those steps, he only had eyes for his big brother.  That made my mommy’s heart happy.  =-)

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Yesterday was SO nice around here (well, comparatively speaking, since we’ve had a whole ton of snow in the recent past!), and we had so much fun getting to go outside and play for awhile.  We’ve got a pretty big ball that’s perfect for kickball, and our 3-year old LOVES kicking it.  So he and his daddy kicked it back and forth while I sat with our little guy and cheered them on.  =-)  What a great way to spend the afternoon!

Family time is always good, no matter what we do… but being able to play outside as a family really was fun.  We’re looking forward to the next nice day, and maybe we can visit a park!  =-)

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Play Date with Buddies =-)

My little guy (who is really my big guy now!) has long called other kiddos he plays with his “buddies”.  He calls his stuffed toys his “friends”, so that’s his way to separate them (and I think it’s pretty cute!), but today we had a play date with two of his “buddies” and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. (!!!)  It took him a little bit to warm up to what was happening, but by the time we were getting ready to go, he didn’t want to leave.  In spite of that, he still helped to clean up the mess he helped make, and say “thank you” for letting us come visit.  I was very proud of him for both of those things!

I am grateful for new friends – both for him, and for me.  =-)  And I am glad that we could do that today!  I’m excited about the next time we can get together – here’s hoping it can be sometime soon!  =-)

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