Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Holding Hands

Our youngest little guy loves to hold my hand when we walk (or even when we’re doing things at home!), but I’ve noticed that anytime we get out of the car to walk somewhere, he really thinks it’s important to have his big brothers hand too.  He’ll jabber at him and make noises and hold his hand out and he really does make it clear that he wants big brothers hand.  Once he has it, he calms right down and walks with no complaints.  He also seems to be the happiest in the car when he’s got big brothers hand.  There’s something seriously adorable about the way they hold hands though, and I managed to take this picture while they were in the car a couple weeks ago (so you can see what I’m talking about!).  =-)

Someday neither one will want to hold my hand… or each others hands… and I am really just enjoying it while it lasts!  =-)

Hand Holding

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Kitty Cat

We have a kitty, and we love her dearly.  Her name is Pippen (affectionately called “Pippen Friend” by my husband).  Because we refer to her as our kitty cat, our youngest little guy calls her “Ki Ka” and he runs and points and hollers “Ki Ka!!” whenever he sees her.  It’s totally adorable.

So today I’m grateful for two things:

1. The ability to have a pet kitty cat, that we can spoil and keep inside and have as a companion.  She might be pretty stinky at times (remember, this is my gratitude blog, so you don’t really hear about those times!), but she really is a fantastic cat, and such a blessing to have!

2.  Two little guys who both love our kitty, neither one is allergic (HUGE hooray!), and they really do treat her well.  That’s seriously great too!

We are definitely blessed.

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Open Windows in November =-)

Today the temperature is supposed to hit 70 degrees here, and I am SUPER excited that we can have the windows open for awhile.  After having a pretty awful cough go through our house, with three of the four of us being on meds for bronchitis, the idea of airing out the house and getting the germies to leave us alone REALLY appeals to me.  =-)  Hooray for having a day with nice weather so we can do that!  =-)

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Family Day =-)

I sure do love family days!  I guess at the heart of that I really love my little family.  =-)  But this was a pretty special day for us – daddy took the day off, and we got to do some fun stuff together!  =-)  First we went to the “airplane park”, what our little guy calls the park right next to Reagan Airport in DC, where you can either watch planes landing or planes taking off (depending on the day).  We got to watch them land, and it was beautiful weather so we could walk around and not be hot and sweaty while we did it (major bonus points!).  After that, we walked along the water where the boat was going to come, and then we took our boat ride!  I had found a really great deal online, so it was only a couple dollars more for the four of us to ride the boat than it was to park.  Ha ha!  But we really did have fun.  It sprinkled before we left home in the morning, but stopped before we got to DC, and didn’t start again until after we were already on the boat.  We saw tons of really cool things, and the kiddos did a great job.  We had a good day, and I am very grateful for that.  =-)


DC Boat Ride Picture


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Fantastic Day with my Kiddos

There are days when being around your kids can be good… and days when it can really just be okay.  Anyone know what I’m talking about?  Today was the kind of day that I really do wish I could hit the “repeat” button on.  Our almost four-year old was a fantastic listener, and kept responding to things I asked him to do (or stop doing) with “mommy, I listened”.  We’ve been working hard on that, so I think he finally got how important it is!  Hooray!  =-)  But we got to spend time with friends we haven’t seen for awhile, and were out and about all morning long… and both kiddos were fantastic.  Truly.  I think that’s worth a lot – but I really am grateful for it.  Having happy kiddos, at home AND out in public, is something that seriously brings me joy.  It’s been a fantastic day, and the next time my day is rough, I’ll just look back at this one as proof that I’m really not doing everything wrong… and my kids really CAN be good.  Ha ha!  =-)

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New Trash Can!

This was a pretty exciting week in our neighborhood – we all got new trash cans!  With lids that are secure and close tightly, and the added bonus of having our “lot” numbers on them (we live in a townhouse, with assigned parking spaces, and our spaces are numbered with our “lot” number).  We’ve been having problems with people not using trash cans, not putting trash out when they should, leaving stuff out for days… which creates all sorts of issues with bugs and rodents and curb appeal (or the lack thereof!).  So the HOA (homeowner’s association) decided to purchase new trash cans (from our trash removal company), and put our lot numbers on each of them, so that way they can tell who leaves their cans out or puts them out before they should.  I’m not too sure everyone will abide by the two-page letter of instructions, but hey – we got a new trash can!  =-)  I am personally very grateful for that.  =-)  

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Brotherly Love

Yesterday, we were pretty excited that our little guy started taking steps all on his own.  Two big steps before he wobbled and sat down!  That’s definite progress (he was standing on his own before, but hadn’t tried to walk yet), and we’re so proud of him!  But much as I’m excited about those steps, I’m even more excited that his first two steps were NOT to get to his mommy or daddy – he took those two steps (with a huge smile on his face!), to get to his big brother.  =-)  I am so very grateful that my guys care about each other as much as they do.  Their smiles are always the biggest for each other, the oldest one regularly wants to help out with his little brother, and the little one looks all over for his brother anytime he’s not right next to him.  They giggle together all the time, and have so much fun!  But I think it said a lot yesterday that when he finally got up the gumption to take those steps, he only had eyes for his big brother.  That made my mommy’s heart happy.  =-)

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Rainy Days are Happy Days! =-)

I have loved rainy days for a very long time (I want to say that I’ve always loved them, but I wonder if my parents might disagree with that?)… the smell of the rain (which I really do think is one of the BEST smells there is!), the coolness it brings to the air, the things that grow as a result of rain coming down… today is our second rainy day in a row, and because of it, we’re hanging out inside.  But we’ve been able to have the windows open, to talk about the noises the rain and thunder make (which is a whole lot of fun to listen to from a three year old perspective!), and we’re having a great time.  I personally believe that rainy days are happy days.  =-)

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Spring Break! =-)

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break, and it’s one of the BEST times of the year for us.  My hubby is a teacher, and we look forward to this time every year – not because we typically go anywhere, but because it gives us time to get stuff done around the house and in the yard, and now that we have kids, it gives us some really great family time.  =-)  We have a whole lot planned for break, including: organizing the storage area in the basement (fun, fun!), the 9-month appointment for our little guy (so we’ll get to find out how much he’s really grown!), lunch with a friend (hooray!), planting a garden in containers on the deck (that will be a first for us – wish us luck!), and mulching the back yard.  Of course we have a few trips planned to parks and the library with the kiddos, along with an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow morning.  We’re going to make the most of this week, and I’m really excited about everything that’s going to be happening!  =-)

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Family Time and Daddy Time =-)

Today starts a full week of having my hubby at home with us, with extra time to play with our little guys, and extra time to just spend as a family.  I am so very grateful for that!  =-)  Especially as my two kiddos are here right now just giggling with (and at!) each other.  What a great start to the week!  =-)

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