Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

A new kitty!

on September 23, 2017

It’s been a solid six months since we had to put our second kitty down (the first one was put down over a year ago), so today was a HUGE day in our house – the day when we went to get a new one.  Our youngest kiddo has been talking (for a VERY long time) about going to get a sad kitty, and making that sad kitty happy.  He’s told me almost daily about his plan to make the kitty happy, and said all along that he wanted to find the sad kitty so he could take it home and make it happy.  =-)  Imagine his delight today when we found a kitty, brought it home, and it wanted to be in HIS room.  He thinks he is SUPER special now, because the kitty is HIS friend.  And he’s getting to make it happy.  =-)  We clearly have a lot to learn with her, because she’s only four months old, and we’ve never adopted one that was so young… but both kids understand that having a kitty means they have jobs related to her care, and they are both happy to be doing them.  For now.  =-)  What a great day!  =-)  We are so blessed, on so many levels.  What a blessing it all is!


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