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Holding Hands

on March 7, 2015

Our youngest little guy loves to hold my hand when we walk (or even when we’re doing things at home!), but I’ve noticed that anytime we get out of the car to walk somewhere, he really thinks it’s important to have his big brothers hand too.  He’ll jabber at him and make noises and hold his hand out and he really does make it clear that he wants big brothers hand.  Once he has it, he calms right down and walks with no complaints.  He also seems to be the happiest in the car when he’s got big brothers hand.  There’s something seriously adorable about the way they hold hands though, and I managed to take this picture while they were in the car a couple weeks ago (so you can see what I’m talking about!).  =-)

Someday neither one will want to hold my hand… or each others hands… and I am really just enjoying it while it lasts!  =-)

Hand Holding


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