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Happy Kiddos

on January 5, 2015

I am well aware that not every kid is happy all the time, and that even the best of kids can be grumpy, cranky, irritable, etc, etc…. but as anyone who has read my blog for very long knows, this blog is NOT where I write about that (and before you comment to ask where I do write about it, I’ll just tell you now that I do NOT have a blog where I complain – I’ve made the choice to focus on the positive!).  I just want to be sure you know that I recognize that our kiddos ALL have issues at times… like adults do.  We just (usually) show that in different ways than our kiddos will.  Or one would hope we do.  =-)

Today, I’m so very (very!!) grateful that I’ve got two happy kiddos.  They aren’t just happy for show, they’re legitimately happy, whether or not anyone else is watching.  The giggles they have, separately and together, are some of the best sounds ever.  My 4 year old told me this morning – “Mommy, I really love being a big brother”, and that completely melted my heart.  He said it in the midst of trying to be a helper with the 17 month olds shoes and coat, and he really meant it.  That is such a huge blessing to me, in so many ways.  It’s hard being the bigger one, who is always being asked to set a good example, but our big guy really does try hard.  And I’m proud of him for that.  I’m also proud of the little guy for wanting so bad to be a helper too.  They’re such good kiddos, and such happy ones, and I am so blessed by that!  =-)


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