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Bible Reading

on November 10, 2014

Have I mentioned yet how much my little guy (who is really now my big guy) LOVES his Bible?  He really does, and it just makes my heart so happy to watch and listen to him with it.  There’s one story at the end, clearly from the book of Revelation and he brought me his Bible this morning and read me the whole thing.  Completely without any prompting at all!  It’s probably largely from memory, but he actually sounded out a few of the words as he went, so I think he was trying hard to read them… but listening to him read a Bible story to me… that’s a pretty amazing thing.  Especially from my four-year old!

I am incredibly blessed, I really am.  On multiple levels.  And I am grateful!

P.S.  This is picture from one of the times he read his Bible to his “friends” – what he calls his stuffed toys.  =-)

Bible Reading


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