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Becoming Friends with Flies

on July 28, 2014

Our oldest kiddo (who will be four years old in October), has long had a love-hate relationship with bugs.  They’re fine as long as they’re nowhere near him, but when they fly around in front of him, he kind of freaks out.  Okay, he seriously freaks out.  So over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get him to make friends with the bugs, and when he sees (or hears) one, he’s learning to not holler about it, but to just say “HI bug!”  I’m very happy to report that it’s actually going well.  While he will still freak out a little bit about things buzzing around, he’s getting MUCH better about it.  Earlier today, when our kitty caught a bug, he told her “good job getting bug!”  Very cute.  =-)  

How often do we do the same thing he’s doing, and react to things we’re worried about by “freaking out” over it?  Wouldn’t it be a LOT easier to learn how to be okay with it?  Not everything, clearly, but things like this… I hope that I can model the same attitude for him that I’m trying to teach.  Don’t panic – just be nice, and move on.  =-)


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