Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Silver Linings

on May 8, 2014

This may seem slightly crazy, but I really do believe that there is always (ALWAYS!) a silver lining.  No matter the situation, it always could have been worse.  Often, I find myself being glad in the hard times, because at least they aren’t as hard as they could have been.  Anyone else know what that’s like?  For example: it was over 80 degrees today, muggy, and sticky, and just made me feel (again) like I really can’t wait to live in a state that’s not this far south.  However: I have the ability to get outside (so many people don’t), the ability to go places (again – many can’t say that!), the warm weather means that our plants are sprouting (reason for rejoicing all by itself!), it wasn’t raining (much easier to go places with kiddos in tow if there’s no rain to drag them out in)… and so on and so on.  I could look at many parts of my day and think “it could have gone better”, but I choose to look at the day and think “it could have been worse”.  Maybe it’s not about having big things each day that are obvious things to be thankful for… maybe it’s about knowing that, even in the worst parts of my day, I can still CHOOSE to be grateful.  It’s a lesson I’ve been learning for awhile… but today, I decided to share it with all of you.  =-)  I’m sure you have silver linings too!


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