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The ability to read…

on January 4, 2014

Having books is really a blessing, and I think I have posted about being grateful for them in the past.  But today, I’m grateful for the ability to read (because having books is WAY more fun if you can read them!).  I recognize that we all do have the potential, but I also know that not everyone is given the opportunity to learn.  Because I read pretty fast, I tend to read a whole LOT of books each year (seriously, hundreds of them)… and the things I can learn from those books, the trips I can take in my mind to different places that the books talk about, the things I imagine as a result of what I’ve seen characters doing… I wouldn’t trade any of that!  Books allow you the opportunity to learn, but they also allow you the ability to dream.  To get lost in the story.  To do something exciting, that you’d never be able to do in your “normal” life.  To feel like you’ve made friends with the characters, and in many cases, with the authors that you’ve come to know and love.  To get to explore things you’d never be able to see otherwise.  More than anything else, books allow you a chance to expand your horizons.  You can always read a work of fiction that’s “easy” to read, but being able to read means that you’re able to learn and grow… even if you’re learning about seemingly mundane things, if it’s important to you, there’s probably a book about it, so why not check it out??

So, while I’m clearly grateful for books, for libraries, book clubs/discussion groups, and all of those types of things… at the heart of it is really the fact that I can read in the first place.  This year, I am going to try to keep a log of all the books I’ve read, so I have an accurate “count” of the number of books read in 2014 (and don’t just guess at it).  I know it’s going to be well over 200 (that seems like a really conservative estimate to me, honestly!), but we’ll just have to see how the year goes and what my total count looks like by the time the year ends!  =-)


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