Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have


on December 25, 2013

I don’t think it would even begin to be possible to blog about things I’m grateful for, and not include Christmas.  I have always been a BIG fan of Christmas – not just presents under the tree (although presents can be fun too!), but the time with family, the special services at church (and the fancy dresses we’d wear to those services!), extra special food (the kind you only get at Christmas time), and snow.  Oh, blissful snow.  =-)  This year, some of those things don’t apply… for example, no snow.  =-(  No fancy dress (but it’s a little strange for someone my age to wear a dress with sparkles and tulle, right?).  Still, we do get some great stuff!  It’s our little guy’s first Christmas.  Our three year old is big enough now to sit with us in church for the candlelight service on Christmas Eve – that was a lot of fun to do as a whole family!  We’re getting lots of family time, with my hubby having almost two weeks off work.  I’ve done lots of cooking and baking.  We’re getting to make new traditions, our own family traditions, and that is SO. MUCH. FUN.  =-)  But at the heart of this Christmas is a spirit of gratefulness for all the great things we’ve been blessed with this year.  We have been given so much, and are so incredibly blessed.  Merry Christmas everyone.  May you enjoy today, and may you also be able to look back on the year and see all of the blessings God has given in your life too.  =-)


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