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Pop Substitutions?

on September 27, 2013

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I am a HUGE fan of diet pepsi (I think I’ve even written a post on this blog about how much I enjoy it!).  I prefer it out of cans, because it seems to be colder, more refreshing, and oh, so satisfying… especially in the summer.  =-)  I’ve been pretty good about limiting the number of cans I drink each day (no more than two, in case you were wondering!), but last week when I drank my last can (and because pop wasn’t on sale anywhere, and pop from 2L bottles just isn’t the same), I thought I’d go ahead and try something that’s VERY hard for me – not drinking any pop at all.  So this is where I’m stuck – what can I substitute for it?  I’ve been considering the flavored sparkling water that’s in cans, just to try it and see if that would even come close… but I’ve also thought that sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice might work.  Have any of you given up pop, and found something you could substitute that was actually satisfying?  I don’t necessarily need the caffeine, but I really feel like I still want something carbonated… I’d appreciate your help!  =-)


2 responses to “Pop Substitutions?

  1. Esther says:

    I don’t drink much pop myself but you could try giving yourself an upgrade to Italian and/or French sodas. Add a generous splash of flavored syrup (same as used in coffee shops) to a glass of sparkling water, with ice. Replace some of the water with milk or cream to make the “Italian” into a “French”. Start with a small bottle of syrup until you know which flavor you like best. I like vanilla (tastes like cream soda) and cherry, but then I’m one to choose clear pop or root beer rather than a cola.

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