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Books and Book Covers

on May 10, 2013

Is anyone else willing to admit that they actually judge books by their covers?  I know that this may sound absolutely awful to say, but I have to be honest – I do.  I always have.  If they “look” boring, I don’t tend to give them much of a chance.  I’m really into books with fun colors, pictures that grab my attention, paper that seems like loose leaf paper all put together (odd, I’m sure – but true!), and thought-provoking titles, but I am just not a fan at all of anything that seems like it will be boring.  Am I the only person in the world who does that?

I think of books, and I think about having a book in my hands and being able to flip through pages, but not many people do that nowadays.  Not nearly as many pick up their Kindle (and just so you know, I do have a Kindle, so I do understand part of the draw there), or they read books on their iphones, or don’t even read books at all!  How sad, on so many levels.  There’s a lot to be said for having a good book, being able to read it over and over again, and having history with each page that’s got a flap turned over, or sections you have marked up.

Books are important in our lives, they teach us about things we’d never learn or get a chance to see otherwise, but they also give us insight into other people and their lives too.  That can be true even when they have “boring” covers.  =-)  I’m grateful for the ability to read, the ability to choose what I read about, and the option to stop reading a book if I want to.  I appreciate that I’m able to have a choice and that there’s so much “good stuff” to choose from!


3 responses to “Books and Book Covers

  1. You are not the only one that judges a book by the cover. I am guilty of that as well and while I have been trying to give books with less than appealing covers a chance I still can’t help but instantly judge that book by what’s on the cover.

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