Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Words of Affirmation

on May 2, 2013

Never underestimate the power of kind words, of the affirming words you give to others.  Especially ones that are completely heartfelt.  I think it’s easy for people to say “good job” or “well done” in passing, but there’s a whole lot more involved in giving specific examples of what you think was done so well.  Do many of you feel like you have people in your lives who share things like that with you?  I really think that affirming words can be hard to come by, no matter who you are!  It’s almost an art to be able to recognize the good in others, and to also be able to speak those things out.  But what a blessing it is to have someone see the good in what you do, to tell you about it, and to mean each word that they’re saying!

I had someone give me some really great, positive feedback this week and it was such a blessing to me.  It was completely heartfelt, and I knew that they meant it.

Never, never underestimate the power of kind words shared with others!


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