Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Pastor Dave

on April 12, 2013

I have learned things from every pastor that I’ve been under, but there is one that made a bigger impact in my life than anyone else – Pastor Dave.  He was my pastor during the second half of undergrad and all through grad school, during a time when I was asking a lot of questions, learning, and growing in my faith.  He never told me I couldn’t ask questions, and he always took it seriously when I had something I couldn’t figure out.  He encouraged me to go after what I believed God wanted me to do in my life, even when it may have seemed a little bit crazy to do.  More than any of that, he believed in me – even when I wasn’t sure I had a whole lot of confidence in myself.  He was the pastor I chose to marry my husband and I, and he’s the one I contacted for input on the dedication service for our little guy after he was born.  I have kept in touch with him all these years since he’s been my pastor (over ten years since then, wow I feel old now!), and I am truly grateful for his presence in my life.  I really am.  We each have people who really impact our lives – he is one of the top people who made a difference in mine, and I am so, so glad to know him!  Thank you for everything, Pastor Dave!


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