Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Park with Friends =-)

on April 1, 2013

We had so much fun on Saturday morning – a beautiful morning with gorgeous weather (no snow, and no rain!), so a perfect time to visit the local park.  Not only did we visit the park, we got to do it with friends!  =-)  My little guy has a friend, who he calls “Ca” (it’s all he can say of her name, so it’s actually very cute), and he hadn’t seen her in a quite awhile.  We have a picture of her that he will carry around all day while asking for her – so he was beside himself with joy when he saw her walking up.  I wish I could have captured that joy on a video!  But they played on the playground together for the longest time, then enjoyed snacks together (thank you for sharing with him!), and then we all got to go out for ice cream.  What a wonderful morning it was – for all of us!

I sure do appreciate these times, both for his sake and for mine.  I had a great time with Ca’s mom (who is a very dear friend of mine), and he had a great time with Ca…. I don’t think there could have been any better way to spend the morning!  =-)


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