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Baby BOY!!! =-)

on March 8, 2013

As my hubby said, it was borderline “torture” to be watching the ultrasound for nearly 40 minutes before they finally told us what we were having – it was the full anatomy check, so looking at arms, legs, fingers, toes, head, heart, kidneys, etc… while the tech who did most of the ultrasound explained what she was doing as she went, she went out to get a doctor to look at the end (she was having a hard time seeing the level of detail she needed on the heart) and the doctor didn’t talk while she worked… so as we’re getting more and more antsy (since it’s really hard for us to understand what we’re looking at if they aren’t saying anything!), the doctor looks at the tech and asks if she wants to tell us – I knew right away.  The tech had already said that she only feels 100% sure when it’s a boy.  And it is!  =-)  We’re both pretty excited – we had wanted the baby to be the right size and were more concerned about having a healthy baby, but we are both really happy about a boy.  We think our little guy will be excited about having a brother too!  =-)

Today, we are grateful for the happy news, and for a healthy baby that still has a good, strong heartbeat.  What a blessing!


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