Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Book Swap!

on February 25, 2013

What a totally fantastic idea!  I found a great book swapping site online, where you don’t have to pay any “swap” fees (or pay any “order” fees!), you just pay for postage to ship each book out as it’s requested.  For every book you list and ship out, you get to “order” one book and get it for free!  Essentially, you get a free book for the cost of shipping your other book (so there is some incentive to sell your lighter books, since they cost less to mail – ha ha!).  Talk about perfect, in so many ways!  I can clear out the pile of books we have, and be able to get new ones – all without having to trade books in at the used bookstore, then see what I can get with them.  This works SO much better!  =-)  Can’t wait to get my first books, I’m sure this is going to be loads of fun!  I’ve got books on my list that are for me, and some for my little guy too.  Right now, I’m just excited about the whole concept.  Will post more info when the first delivery arrives!  =-)


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