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my journey into being thankful for what i have

Molehills instead of Mountains =-)

on February 23, 2013

You know how they say that when you’re worrying about something, you often make a mountain out of a molehill?  Today, we saw our “mountain” become a “molehill” and it was SUPER cool.  =-)

While my hubby was vacuuming upstairs this morning (super great cleaner that he is!), the bathroom outlet he was using stopped working.  He pushed the reset button, but that didn’t fix it, so he went to the basement to check and see if the breaker tripped.  Once he got down there, he saw that half the basement had lost power too.  Not good!  It wasn’t any of the breakers, and we decided to send a text to a lady from church (who is a realtor) asking if she had any recommendations of who we could call (instead of just calling someone from the phone book) – she immediately wrote back, we called her guy, and then we waited.  We fully expected that it wouldn’t be cheap to get this fixed – nothing is ever cheap, but especially not on the weekends!  The guy came a couple hours later, went upstairs, and saw that when my hubby pushed the “reset” button, he didn’t push it in far enough. Once the electrician pushed it and it clicked, they both went downstairs, and everything was back to normal.  Talk about an easy fix!  But this is the part that’s most amazing – he didn’t charge us anything at all for the visit.  He said that he wasn’t going to charge for that, just to keep him in mind the next time we need someone.  You can believe that we will be doing just that!  What kind of electrician from the phone book would have done the same thing?  Today, we are grateful for the kindness (and generosity!) of the guy that came out, fixed our issue (small fix though it was) and didn’t make us pay for even his trip to our house.  That was absolutely a blessing!  Great end to the week – all the way around.  =-)


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