Gratitude and Appreciation

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Vent Cleaning

on February 20, 2013

Why am I writing about vent cleaning on my gratitude blog, you ask?  That is a great question!  =-)  We set up an appointment to get our vents cleaned today, because we’ve lived in the house over three years and haven’t done it, and we figured that it was probably a good idea to get them cleaned before the baby arrives.  They got tons of dust and a whole bunch of cheerios (which made me giggle as I heard them going through the hose, ha ha!), but I knew things were bad when of them came to tell me that we had mold and fungus in the vents too.  Oh joy!  That turned the $40 relatively simple vent cleaning into a $645 super major cleaning.  But praise the Lord that we were able to find out about it before any of us started having health problems because of it!  I’m personally grossed out by the awful smell that was in the vent – I didn’t see any mold, but the smell was absolutely horrible.  As a mommy who deals with some supremely stinky diapers on a very regular basis, the fact that the smell in our vents made my stomach churn tells you that it was awful.  But, as they were cleaning out the furnace, they called me to the basement and there I witnessed a whole big chunk of dusty stuff (probably 5-6 inches long) that had major mold growing on the majority it.  SUPER gross!!  It still gives me the heebie jeebies to even think about.  Icky.  Today I am grateful for the guys that came out and cleaned everything, for the discount we were able to use (so it didn’t cost over $800!), and for the clean, fresh air that we’re now breathing.  What a blessing to know that things aren’t growing in the vents anymore!  =-)  Hooray for that!


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