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Bible Studies

on February 8, 2013

I am involved in a few different Bible Studies each week that happen in person (like the one that has birthday hat celebrations!), but last week I started a “new” type of study, an Online Bible Study.  I’m part of a group of ladies (it looks like there are 25 of us) and we’re in a group on facebook – I’ve never met any of them, but we’re getting to know each other and I think we will be able to learn a lot from one another!  This study is through a Christian book, called Let. It. Go. and is all about, well, letting go of the control we all try to hold onto, and recognizing that God is the one whose really in charge – not us.  Obviously, there’s nothing that can replace an in person study, where you learn face to face and laugh over things as a group (or even smile or wink at each other from across the circle!) – but I’m having a TON of fun with this group online.  =-)  I like that it’s a relatively small group, and one that’s very real with each other.  That makes it so much better, when you can be completely honest about how much of a control freak you are – and know that they are the same way!  =-) 

I really appreciate the many ways that we can learn about the Word of God, and the different opportunities I’ve been able to take advantage of.  I know that many people around the world have never even seen a Bible, let alone been able to be part of a study of any kind – I am truly grateful to have more than one Bible, more than one Bible study, and more than one way to learn – from God’s word, and from other people. 


One response to “Bible Studies

  1. Kelley says:

    AWH, this is awesome!!!! I am very excited that you are with us in our group! It is my desire that God uses this study to ‘grow’ us and mold us into his desire for our lives! I pray that we learn how to Let It Go! I pray we build new friendships and find connections that last lifetimes! Can you tell I’m so excited! No, it’s not the sit across the table from each other kind of study – but it’s pretty awesome! So glad you have joined us and thank you for sharing your blog with us! One more thing we get to know about you!!!!

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