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Baby Update!

on January 23, 2013

What an amazing day filled with all sorts of great baby news.  =-)  I think that most people would appreciate good baby news, but when you’ve had two pregnancies that haven’t turned out as you hoped they would, it’s even more precious when things are great.

I had an appointment with the OB first, who told me that I am officially back in the “normal” category, and no longer have to be considered “high risk”.  I was high risk with my little guy, because I had a stroke two years prior and they wanted to monitor everything closely all the way through.  I had really hoped that I wouldn’t be high risk this time, but was also prepared for them to say I would be – since the odds were that they’d want to be careful and make sure.  But the risk level officially got lowered yesterday, and as long as my blood pressure stays okay (meds are working so far!) and the baby keeps developing okay, I can wait 4 weeks at a time between appointments (instead of going every two weeks, like we did before).  What a huge blessing that is!!  I am so grateful!

After seeing the OB, we had an ultrasound appointment and the baby measured exactly the right size, down to the day.  It was absolutely perfect.  We got to see the baby chilling out, and then it did somersaults for us – words can’t even explain how much of a relief it was to see that everything is going okay, and right on schedule!

Blessings on so many levels… and for all of those things, I am extremely grateful.  =-)


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