Gratitude and Appreciation

my journey into being thankful for what i have

Pants Optional?

on January 15, 2013

As we’re working on potty training at our house, I’ve switched back to using cloth diapers to help our little guy realize when he’s wet, and maybe pick up on this business of needing to go in the potty (worth trying, right?).  I had Bible study this morning, so as I dropped him in the nursery, I told the workers that he was wearing a cloth diaper, I had just changed him, and they didn’t need to worry – I’d change him when the study was over (since cloth diapers are more of a pain to deal with and I was trying to be nice to them).  When I went to pick him up, there he was, playing with no pants on.  Yup.  They told me his diaper was soaked, and so were his pants, so they had to change him – and he didn’t have any pants in our diaper bag (we haven’t needed extra pants in a very long time!), so there he was without any at all.  =-(  What a rough way to learn to use the potty!  That wasn’t my intention at all!  Because it’s raining again today, and really cold, I had to find him a pair of pants to wear home, and as we dug through the bin under the changing table, I thought we may have to put him in girls pants… but we found a pair of boys pants that fit like they were our own.  Praise the Lord for those clothing bins, just in case you need them!  Today, we definitely did.  Because no matter what you think, pants are definitely NOT optional.  Especially not when you’re at church!  Today, I’m grateful for those workers (who were very gracious in spite of the awkwardness of the snaffoo), and for the bins of clothes we were able to borrow a pair of pants from.  Guess I need to make sure he has extra clothes in his bag now, right?


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